AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-31clean up GNUmakefileHEADmasterNils Gillmann
2018-03-31GNUmakefile: release, signopenbsd-pkg-config-6.2p1Nils Gillmann
2018-03-31GNUmakefile fixesNils Gillmann
2018-03-31pseudo configure-fileNils Gillmann
2018-03-31Add READMENils Gillmann
2018-03-30This is a very hacky solution to building.Nils Gillmann
2017-08-26Don't remove subpaths of /usr/include or /usr/lib from the output ofOPENBSD_6_2_BASEjsg
2017-08-15Strip out -I/usr/include and -L/usr/lib from the --cflags/--libs output.jasper
2017-08-15remove vax leftoverjasper
2016-08-07Update online manual path to man.openbsd.org.OPENBSD_6_1_BASEtb
2015-10-26Don't reject properties with no whitespace after the colon; it's perfectlyOPENBSD_5_9_BASEjasper
2015-10-11handle comma separated list of arguments, i.e. pkg-config --exists gcr-3,gcr-...jasper
2015-02-28Reduce usage of predefined strings in manpages.OPENBSD_5_8_BASEbentley
2014-11-17Activate support for "package != version" requests, this time withjca
2014-11-02revert, i did NOT ok this diff which bears no proof of testing in a bulk or x...jasper
2014-11-02Allow for requests such as "foo != some.version".jca
2014-07-10fix version comparison for openssl-like versions (1.0.1g etc)OPENBSD_5_6_BASEjasper
2014-07-09small alignment tweakjasper
2014-03-31if it looks like a variable, expands like a variable and resolves like ajasper
2014-03-18zap "my $_" for reading STDIN.espie
2013-07-16use .Mt for email addresses; from Jan Stary <hans at stare dot cz>; ok jmc@OPENBSD_5_5_BASEschwarze
2013-06-12drop any quotes from variables when pulling them out of the .pc file;jasper
2013-05-30adjust error message for empty files to display the full path to the file,jasper
2013-03-31m88k has shared libs now.brad
2013-03-28allow passing a full path to a .pc file, instead of just the module name.jasper
2012-12-10Document --{exact,max}-versionOPENBSD_5_3_BASEjasper
2012-12-08fix a pasto which broke (or rather, disabled) --max-versionjasper
2012-10-09- bump the version to match fd.o's 0.27.1 release.jasper
2012-10-09- also check Requires.private for --exists.jasper
2012-07-28Return a proper error message when we end up needed to parsejasper
2012-07-08zap weird precision (if provided) that's not really relevant to anythingOPENBSD_5_2_BASEespie
2012-07-08Remove the "Variables" chapter from CAVEATS now that it's been fixed.ajacoutot
2012-07-08fix ajacoutot's whining (i wish...)espie
2012-07-04fix the static arch fix. don't remove duplicates, but don't forget toespie
2012-06-11move PkgConfig.pm where it belongsespie
2012-03-19GNU's pkg-config added PREFIX/share/pkgconfig/ as a search path 4 yearsajacoutot
2011-11-17 - Fix parts of xenocara on static arches such as vax.OPENBSD_5_1_BASEjasper
2011-09-25tweak previous; ok jasperjmc
2011-09-20add a blurb to caveats about variable expansions to multiple valuesjasper
2011-07-08- pretend we're 0.26. there were no changes in 0.26 thatOPENBSD_5_0_BASEjasper
2011-06-25add CAVEATS section explaining some of the differences between thisjasper
2011-06-20- Adjust Getopts() hash to align options with values.jasper
2011-06-20- implement --static, and preserve dependency order,jasper
2011-06-16- finally unconfuse emacs by using parentheses for split()jasper
2011-06-16fix printrequiresprivate-mode name in a testjasper
2011-06-15- only process Requires.private if needed (--cflags, --static or --print-requ...jasper
2011-06-12tweak the virtual pkg-config configjasper
2011-06-12- rename pr_* to say_* to be consistent with perl (prompted by espie@)jasper
2011-06-12- Rename $D to $mode{debug} for consistency.jasper
2011-06-12- fix commentjasper