AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-20bump version to 0.8.1ng0-patchingHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-20fix regression by selecting clipboard textHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-20don't modify argv, use a counterHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-17selextend: clarify: !sel.mode == SEL_IDLEHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-17clipcopy: no need to check for free(NULL), set to NULL after freeHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-16minor code-style: whitespace fixesHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-16Fix title initializationQuentin Rameau
2018-03-16Fix regression from 69e32a6 when setting title.Quentin Rameau
2018-03-14LICENSE: fix a few yearsHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-14update LICENSE: major contributorsHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-14Makefile: add all files to make distHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-14bump version to 0.8Hiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-09use math.h for ceilfHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-09xhints: no need to initialize sizehHiltjo Posthuma
2018-03-09regression: include termios.h for tcsendbreak etcHiltjo Posthuma
2018-02-25General cleanupDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Clean up #includesDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Reduce visibility wherever possibleDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Limit usage of extern to config.h globalsDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Remove x.c dependency on termDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Pull term references out of xdrawcursorDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move win-agnostic parts of draw/drawregion to st.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Split mode bits between Term and TermWindowDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move CRLF input processing into ttywriteDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move terminal echo logic into st.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move remaining selection mode logic into selextendDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move terminal-related selection logic into st.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move X-specific selection info into XSelectionDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Have selected() check whether selection existsDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Rely on ttyresize to set tty sizeDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Remove X and fontconfig from st.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Remove Time argument from xsetselDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Make win variable internal to x.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move X-related config.h types into x.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Remove unneeded array-length variablesDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Inline clipboard functionsDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move config.h include from st.c to x.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Factor out equivalent code from ttyread/ttysendDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move opt_* into same file as main()/run()Devin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move key-matching functions into x.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Pass new dimensions into ttyresizeDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move window-manipulating functions into x.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move font/fontspec variables into x.c and XWindowDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move window urgency handling entirely into x.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move zoom functions into x.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Move usage() to be with run() in x.cDevin J. Pohly
2018-02-25Call xsetenv() in main process instead of childDevin J. Pohly
2017-12-26Fix color with FAINT attributeBenno Fünfstück
2017-12-26Apply ATTR_REVERSE after ATTR_FAINTBenno Fünfstück
2017-12-21Fix FAQ typoGeorge Ornbo