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Improve readability of keysym modifier names (debian bug #839769).
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diff --git a/doc/rxvt.1.pod b/doc/rxvt.1.pod
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--- a/doc/rxvt.1.pod
+++ b/doc/rxvt.1.pod
@@ -1081,10 +1081,25 @@ The key combination that triggers the action, I<sym>, has the following format:
-Where I<modifiers> can be any combination of B<ISOLevel3>, B<AppKeypad>,
-B<Control>, B<NumLock>, B<Shift>, B<Meta>, B<Lock>, B<Mod1>, B<Mod2>,
-B<Mod3>, B<Mod4>, B<Mod5>, and the abbreviated B<I>, B<K>, B<C>, B<N>,
-B<S>, B<M>, B<A>, B<L>, B<1>, B<2>, B<3>, B<4>, B<5>.
+Where I<modifiers> can be any combination of the following full or
+abbreviated modifier names:
+=begin table
+ B<ISOLevel3> B<I>
+ B<AppKeypad> B<K>
+ B<Control> B<C>
+ B<NumLock> B<N>
+ B<Shift> B<S>
+ B<Meta> B<M> B<A>
+ B<Lock> B<L>
+ B<Mod1> B<1>
+ B<Mod2> B<2>
+ B<Mod3> B<3>
+ B<Mod4> B<4>
+ B<Mod5> B<5>
+=end table
The B<NumLock>, B<Meta> and B<ISOLevel3> modifiers are usually aliased to
whatever modifier the NumLock key, Meta/Alt keys or ISO Level3 Shift/AltGr